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“Girls Stand Up”, a project of Families in Action (FIA)

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This #AdvocacyAction post features Families in Action (FIA) and its project, “Girls Stand Up”.

Under the #CSOs4GoodGov project, FIA and other participating civil society organisations in Trinidad and Tobago; referred to as Catalysts, were given small grants to implement advocacy action projects during the life of #CSOs4GoodGov – 2017 to 2020.

FIA’s project provided a forum for youth education and empowerment with respect to Gender Based Violence (GBV) and equipped them with the skills to advocate within their communities for the eradication of GBV. 56 female students from the Chaguanas South Secondary School and the San Fernando Central Secondary School in Trinidad were educated about GBV, teacher sensitisation held at 2 secondary schools, a joint workshop held for Girl Stand Up (GSU) members to evaluate the project impact and ensure sustainability, 2 action plans were developed by GSU members to implement in their schools and communities, as well as 2 school-based campaigns launched on GBV.

There was an increase in gender-based violence knowledge among GSU participants, the student body of the participating schools and their immediate communities. This was evident from the results of surveys done before and after participation in the GSU project. In addition, FIA reported a noticeable reduction in tolerance levels for GBV through an increase in GBV activism within participating schools.

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