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CKFTO Count Me In® puppet show helping others discover the ABILITY in disability

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The Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organization (CKFTO) is helping children and adults alike to "see the ABILITY in disability" through its Count Me In®  puppet show. Designed to help others learn about disabilities and chronic illnesses, the puppet show helps bridge the gap between typical students and those with disabilities. This is a broad-based disability awareness campaign targeted to pre-school and primary school children. During a six-month period in 2019, CKFTO’s Count Me In® puppet show was performed 58 times at 44 schools across Trinidad and Tobago (TT) for 7,630 viewers. (See video below)

These shows are entertaining and educational, thereby helping CKFTO to fulfil its mandate of promoting disability awareness and social integration of people with disabilities. Younger children easily identify with the puppets and can interact with them through questions and dialogue. Count Me In® features six endearing, child-size, multicultural puppets that portray children with disabilities. These puppets have proven to be effective communicators of the message of understanding and acceptance, helping to dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about persons with disabilities.

This work is contributing to SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 10 Reduced Inequality.

CKFTO operates in TT as the sole non-profit therapeutic service provider in the private health sector of clinic-based multi-disciplinary therapy for children with special needs. Its mandate is to provide therapeutic intervention and support services to families with children with special needs. CKFTO offers a wide range of services such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Educational Psychology. CKFTO is committed to educating the communities of TT about disabilities and continues to visit schools across the country, spreading the message of disability awareness as a means of fostering positive awareness and inclusion of children and adults in society who are differently-abled. 


Video credit: Krista Hamel-Smith and Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organization (CKFTO), 2014

To learn more about CKFTO, visit their Facebook page:

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