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Caribbean Civil Society SDGs Knowledge Platform

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Implementing Climate Change Actions toolkit

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The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) has developed the toolkit - “Implementing Climate Change Actions: A toolkit for Caribbean civil society organisations” - to build the capacity of local communities and enterprises to enhance resilience and achieve Goal 13 on climate action. The toolkit provides a suite of tools and step-by-step guide on: communicating for climate change awareness and advocacy; assessing vulnerability; local adaptation planning; and taking actions to adapt and build resilience using community-based and ecosystem-based approaches.  It also includes case studies of best practices and innovations in addressing climate change from CSOs across the Caribbean. The toolkit was designed based on CANARI’s experiences in supporting civil society, local communities and resource users, such as fisherfolk, to address climate change and related disasters over the last 10 years.


CANARI is a regional technical non-profit organisation which works to catalyse participatory natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods in the Caribbean islands.

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