Caribbean Civil Society SDGs Knowledge Platform

About the Platform

The Caribbean Civil Society SDGs Knowledge Platform is an online virtual space to connect people and organisations with information on or an interest in the role of Caribbean civil society in implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. By increasing knowledge about the SDGs in the Caribbean and strengthening national and regional networks, the platform aims to promote and enhance civil society inclusion in and contributions to development, implementation, monitoring and reporting on the SDGs.

  • The SDGs Knowledge Platform is a secure and accessible space that provides:
  • an opportunity for CSOs to showcase stories relating to their role in and experience of implementing or advocating around the SDGs - locally, nationally or regionally;
  • a networking forum for CSOs to discuss their experiences, exchange ideas and share lessons learned;
  • an opportunity to collaborate in order to enhance the capacity, voice and visibility of CSOs in national and regional SDGs policy and actions;
  • a calendar of SDGs-related events and other opportunities for CSOs;
  • an opportunity to join the community of other stakeholders with an interest in seeing Agenda 2030 effectively implemented in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Civil Society SDGs Knowledge Platform is managed by the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI). Initial support to develop the platform for CSOs in Trinidad and Tobago was provided by the European Union under the project CSOs For Good Governance: Enhancing Civil Society's contribution to governance and development processes in Trinidad & Tobago (CSOs4GoodGov) , which is being implemented in Trinidad and Tobago in 2017-2020. CANARI is the coordinator (and a member) of the SDGs Catalysts Network established under the project and partners with other Catalysts to secure contributions to the platform.

CANARI is also actively seeking contributions from other CSOs (and their partners, networks and coalitions) that are working on the SDGs in the wider Caribbean. Contact us if you want to support and contribute to expanding this platform!